Grass Fed Beef Tallow

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Beef Tallow is basically rendered cow’s fat derived from cooked down (melted into liquid) fats from various cuts of cow meat. Made up of 50% saturated fats, 42% monounsaturated fats and 4% polyunsaturated fats from grass fed cows. Considered a premium cooking oil due to its high smoke point of 220ºC (420ºF).

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Unlimited uses, including baking, frying, roasting meats / vegetables, cooking gravy, deep frying and sautéing.

The health benefits of Beef Tallow:

  • Nutrient rich. Vitamin A, D, E, K and B1
  • Contains linoleic acid which is a natural anti-inflammatory
  • May help to ward off infections as it has antimicrobial properties (palmitoleic acid)
  • High in choline that supports our nervous system
  • Saturated fats in tallow nourishes skin cells

Beef fats

Product of Singapore.

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Weight300 g


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