Argentinian Asado Marinated Lamb Rack Chops

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This dry marinade / rub gets its name from the word “Asado” whereby meats are cooked on a grill or over an open fire, hence the name. Bursting with flavours and ingredients associated with the South American country, which includes, mustard seed, sesame, garlic, coriander and a blend of spices and herbs, delicately rubbed into our Australian Lamb Chops to reduce the gamey smell associated with lamb and to bring out true flavours of the meat, just like how they it is done in Argentina. 3 to 4 lamb chops per 300 grams.

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This rub also prevents the meat from drying out during cooking to keep the meat fresh and juicy.

Cooking Instructions:
Heat a skillet to high heat, then place the chops into the pan and let them cook for one minute to create a char on one side. This will keep flavour and juice inside the meat.

Flip the chops after one minute, using a tong or spatula to avoid poking the meat and letting blood run out. Flip one more time and finish cooking to your desired temperature. Covering the pan creates steam that will be released when you raise the lid to flip or finish, but reduces odour while cooking.

Gluten Free

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Weight300 g


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