A4 Japanese Wagyu Yakiniku

Weight150 g
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Choose this A4 Japanese Wagyu Yakiniku cut that is leaner in nature and consist of either of these cuts – Eyeround, Chuck Tender, Knuckle, Top Round, Gooseneck Round, Short Rib, Rib Finger or Brisket.

Yakiniku meat tends to be a little thicker than other thinly sliced meats, measuring between 3-5mm in thickness, making it easy for grilling.

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  • Type: Air Flown Chilled
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The roots of Toriyama Farm goes back to 1948 when Fukuichiro Toriyama started working as a livestock dealer who would buy beef cattle from farmers and sell them. Then in 1960 he established the meat processing and distribution company Toriyama Chikusan Shokuhin with his sons. In 1976 the family established Toriyama Farm.

A4 Wagyu has slightly less fat and is not as overwhelmingly rich as A5 Wagyu. It still has the unique melts-in-your-mouth and the umami qualities which are unique to Japanese Wagyu in general, but carries a more beefy flavour profile and you can eat more of it in one sitting.

Simply put, for most people, it’s simply more enjoyable.

Storage tips:
1. All chilled items purchased can be kept in a chiller for up to three days from the delivery date.
2. Directly storing the items in your freezer upon delivery can lengthen the life span of the item, and can be thawed and consumed any time between 3 months.

Due to the nature of butchery products having to be processed from slabs of meats at varying sizes, you can expect a variance in the net weight of the final product by 20 to 30 grams.

Arrives vacuum packed and sealed in a thermal bag.

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Weight150 g
Beef Country


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