Eater's Market Butcher Marinades
In Eater’s Market, our Master Butcher Jason Lai has hand-picked 13 dry rubs and marinades to enhance the flavour of beef, pork poultry and even lamb. Internationally inspired on his journeys, his rubs and marinades include delectable delights such as Argentine Asado, Whisky & Sea Salt, Eater’s Market Korean Spicy Bulgogi and Xin Jiang Cumin, just to name a few. These marinades will tickle palates up and down the taste spectrum.


Grilling is one of the best ways to add flavour to food without adding fat. As evidenced by the explosive demand for fancy grills, fuels and flammable additives, today’s backyard barbecuing has outgrown shrivelled hot-dogs and dry meats. For the perfect barbecue, marinades are the final, most important ingredient. One of the simplest ways to boost the flavour and enhance the texture of any meat is through marinating.